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Do It Afraid While Being With Your Tribe

As confirmed by the missing Advent posts, Advent writing didn’t go as I planned it would.  The Holiday Season sort of took over – that and I didn’t want to turn 50 (six days before Christmas).

Since that time, I’ve thought about whether to continue this blog or not.  I love to read – especially the Scriptures and I love to write – I thought if I combined the two, I could get what I wanted to say out – and hopefully bless someone in the process. Yet the words and the want to never lasted very long.

I had again put blogging on the back burner and my Scripture reading suffered once again.

However, before Advent arrived and before I decided I wanted to blog through Luke, I took a trip to North Carolina (a 50th Birthday present to myself) to attend a Holy Yoga Getaway.

I was introduced to Holy Yoga by a friend (though it took several attempts before I made her first class) about year or so earlier.  With that one class, I instantly fell in love.  {Holy} Yoga was just the exercise I needed to refresh and renew my body and spirit. Since she didn’t teach that often, I found a studio and began practicing yoga.  But something was still missing.  Thus the trip to North Carolina.

At the Getaway, I was probably one of the few non-instructors in attendance which didn’t bother me – I needed the Getaway.  It was there I was introduced to more of what Holy Yoga is about – their teachings, instructions, community care, and most of all – their Grace.

When it was over and I headed home, I had no intention of becoming a teacher.  I just wanted to get healthy – both physically and spiritually – and this was just the start of it.

Back home, I went back to local yoga studios and attended classes but still nothing was satisfying or sanctifying (except one of my classes on Sunday nights by another friend).

Then, soon before my 50th Birthday, I logged into and signed up for their 200-Hr Instructor training.  Advent arrived shortly thereafter.

As much as I tried to put the training behind me (it wouldn’t start until after the holidays), I couldn’t – I was Afraid to start.

When January 7th finally arrived, I, along with several other ladies, spent the next nine weeks online together – giving up our Tuesday nights and {my} Saturday mornings to converse about the Scriptures and learn yoga poses.  I had found my Tribe.

During this time, I still didn’t think I wanted to teach.  I was just doing this for myself.  Until close to the end of the training when God and I had a little talk.  We spoke about what I was going to do once the training ended and if I would be continuing to write blog posts.  I didn’t expect the answer I received – for I am a true introvert at heart.

The introvert in me is Afraid to teach.  Not that I haven’t spoke in front of people before – this is different.  This is me – showing others – what I have come to love.  This is me not wanting others to see my imperfections and my not-so-perfect-yoga-body.  This is me – finally realizing I have a Tribe that stands behind me and with me.  This is me – putting it out there that I will Teach what God has given me – both live and through this blog.

So, for the next eight weeks, I will be re-learning a lot of what my Tribe and I have learned so when I attend Immersion in May, I’ll be ME with the rest of my Tribe and we’ll laugh and learn more together.  We’ll Root Down to Rise Up.  We’ll Cry.  We’ll be sore.  But we’ll be together.

Then upon my return, I’ll teach my first “real” Holy Yoga class and you’re invited. {I’ll post the event through Sacred Halak’s Facebook page.}

Till then, look for changes to this blog.  I’ll be updating it to include information on Holy Yoga and an area for Bible Studies.  The format will change but but I’ll still be a Girl Walking through life while Walking through the Scriptures except this time I’ll be loving God more with all of my heart, mind, soul, and strength.

And for those who are Afraid – Find a Tribe and Do It Afraid!



Do It Afraid

I found my Tribe

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