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A Separated Creation

In the beginning,

God created the Heavens and the Earth

As I read the creation event yesterday and today in all its familiarity God showed me something.  I initially thought that I would write about how the Spirit of God hovered over the earth but the more I read, something different quickened in my heart.

Walk alongside me as I take us through the creation week.

Take a moment to look up and read Genesis 1:1 – 2:25 in your Bible.  If you prefer to read it online, click here (you’re welcome to change the version but I’m reading from the Christian Standard Version).  Once you’re finished reading, return to this post.

In the beginning, God separated the light from the darkness – the day from night.  He separated the earth from the sky.  He separated the land on earth from the water on earth. He separated the vegetation. He separated the sun from the moon.

He separated the living creatures – each according to their own kind.  He separated mankind – male and female.

He separated the days of the week.  The weeks of the month.  The months of the year.

Are you sensing a theme here?

He created all this but separated it.

However, this separation in itself is not a bad thing.  Imagine how the earth would be if everything was the same.  Each tree an apple tree.  The only animals to look at would be a (name your favorite). All humans exactly alike.  Time to never change.

We’d never interact with each other because we’d all be doing the same thing.

That’s not how God created us to be.

He gave us different animals because each has a purpose to fulfill.  Some are food, others are protectors.  Some keep the bad insects away from me (yes, I hate mosquitoes).

He gave us different foods to nourish our bodies, feed the animals, and cause happiness upon looking at a beautiful flower.

He created males and females.  Two distinct humans.  In fact, from the first two humans, more humans were created and separated (more on that as we read through Genesis).  Each designed to function and live in a separate but together way.

Separation is good – God said so.

“And God saw that it was good.”

But there’s one separation, that if you read closely, you’ll see.

Once the Heavens and Earth were created – the Spirit of God no longer hovered.

Now, don’t completely dismiss this.  The Spirit of God doesn’t disappear. He’s seen in the creation event with God.

“Let Us make man in Our Image.”

He appears throughout the history of mankind, showing up in various places and at different times in different ways.  We’ll learn more about these appearances as we continue our journey through the Bible.  What’s important to note is that we were separated from God.

Even in this separation, it’s not a bad thing – yet.

Join me on my next post to see how one thing creates a further separation from God.  A walking away so to speak.




By the time we’re finished with reading the Bible, separation is no longer.

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