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The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


While looking for a name for my blog I thought of making the title of it Sacred Wanderer (taken), Sacred Wanderings (taken), Sacred Sojourner (taken).  Sacred Pilgrim didn’t sound right, I’m not that “sacred”. Then I turned to my Christian Standard Study Bible – there’s a table of contents for the Hebrew Word Studies with the text.  I was looking for a word that would convey what I had in my heart and mind to share on the blog but also something that was different.

While scanning the list – my eyes suddenly stopped at the word Walk.

I’ve been on my Christian Walk for over twenty years walking through lots of hills and valleys.  To this day my Walk is a continuing state of movement from one day to the next. Sometimes from one battle to the next.  I’m always learning new stuff and hoping to forget some old stuff (you know, all the bad things).  Thinking Walk is perfect for a title I turned to the page the Hebrew word for Walk was on.

On page 45, in a little box, is the Hebrew word for Walk:  Halak.

Halak – pronounced [hah Lak]. It’s used 1554 times in the Old Testament, 121 in Genesis alone. (For references, click here.)

According to the definition on page 45 of my Christian Standard Study Bible, Halak is a “verstile word describing any motion, especially by humans”.  But I’m interested in this definition, “Combined with other verbs, it can signal the growth or increase of an action or state . . . With a preposition halak can denote follow.”

Growth or increase of an action.  Follow.


Sacred Halak

Sacred Walk

My goal with this blog this Sacred Halak is to grow in my knowledge of God’s written Word and have an increase in Christian Actions.  Studying Scripture for my life to be a Sacred Halak.  There will be posts about what I think about a certain passage of Scripture (I tend to think outside of the Box).  Some thoughts about what God is teaching me (and maybe others) through His Word.  Questions . . . maybe an answer or two.

My life is spent Following Jesus and His Sacred Halak.  So along with the above paragraph, I’ll be sharing ideas, pictures, life lessons, inspiration from my Sacred Halak with Jesus.  You’ll never know what I’ll post but the one thing you will always find is Love. And of course, Jesus.

For my Scripture posts, I’ll be reading through my Christian Standard Study Bible for Women, but there will be times when I’ll post something outside of my regular reading – just because I feel that God wants me to share it.  Feel free to comment any time on any post about your Sacred Halak.

Join me as I walk out on the water toward the Light – as I journey on my Sacred Halak – we’ll walk through the Scriptures together.




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