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Temptation and Evil

Today’s chapter contains a popular story of temptation.  One that if you look deep, you might find that the one being tempted is not who you think it is.

After Jesus was baptized, The Holy Spirit led Him into the wilderness. During the 40 days Jesus was there, He was tempted by satan.

Satan we all know is a very cunning creature. But don’t be fooled, he knows the Scriptures just as well as Jesus does – and will use them when needed.

But knowing Scripture and using Scripture are two different things.  Scriptures are alive and can be used in warfare – which is what Temptation is – warfare. And satan knows it.

Jesus overcomes the temptation by standing firm on the Scriptures He speaks – satan backs down {until an opportune time} and Jesus begins His ministry.

Who knew that opportune time would come so soon and in His hometown no less.

While in His hometown of Nazareth, Jesus finds Himself confirming His mission – spreading the good news about the kingdom of God.  However, the good people of Nazareth succumb to the Temptation of doing the dirty work of satan.

Just like satan tried to get Jesus to do – the people tried to do it for him.

Because they didn’t like what Jesus told them, anger crept in and His hometown friends, well, so called friends, tried to take Jesus to the top of the cliff and throw Him down.

This provides us with a great lesson – knowing the Scriptures and living by them will often keep us out of danger.  It allows us to slip away.

After slipping away from His people, Jesus begins to preach the Good News – often in synagogues on the Sabbath.  Even synagogues with demon-possessed people.

Yep. Synagogues {and even churches} have good people in them who are demon possessed.

There’s a TV show, Evil, that I’ve been watching.  This is not my typical thing to watch on TV but something about it intrigues me.

The last time I watched it I realized something was missing.

Though it’s a fictional drama – I believe it’s all real in reality and we see the same thing in reality – They’re Missing Jesus.  The show portrays demon possession as real yet they miss the opportunity to tell the world the Truth – That Jesus is the only one who can rebuke and rid one of a demon.

We find this truth to be very clear in Luke’s writing.  Luke shows us that Temptation and Evil were in the world during the time of Jesus life on Earth and it’s still here today.

Reading about how Jesus dealt with Temptation proves we can overcome it because it’s Jesus’ mission to

Proclaim good news to the poor . . . liberty to the captives . . . give sight to the blind . . . set those who are oppressed – Free

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